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Characteristics of KMM

y1z@Prompt research and planning by collective ability and groups of specialists
Our company holds various groups of professionals. This enables us to react to the demands of entrepreneurs and perform
research and planning promptly.

Especially in these fields and regions
FieldsFoverseas investment and advance,
RegionFJapan, China, India, Vietnam and Myanmar

y2z@Holds networks overseas
Our company makes good use of the overseas network of Germany and Vietnam. Especially the office in Germany works as
an advising section for overseas company. Also, in Vietnam, talented staffs who are fluent in English and Japanese are on

y3z@Operating from a global perspective
The difference between other consultants is that our company is well informed of the world situation so we are able to
consult a matter from a global perspective. Especially when advancing overseas, comparison with other countries become
essential. From that point, our company is able to fulfill the your requests.

y4z@New proposals which meet the needs
The world situation changes rapidly so especially when Japanese companies try to advance overseas, countermeasures and
proposals that are from the newest information is required. The ability to fulfill these requirements is the characteristic of
our company.

y5z@Marketing support for Japanese companies that are advancing overseas.
Japanese overseas advancing companies need to broaden the route of marketing and exporting overseas at the place that
they advanced. The characteristic of our company is that we also support the development of the strategy of marketing.

y6z@The results of success are all that matters
The companies that we supported are all in operation smoothly. We will be happy if you could contact a company that we
supported for our credibility. Our motto is that the results of success are all that matters.

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